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Milan Fashion Week: Emporio Armani Men’s Wear Spring 2009

Georgio Armani Poses with the chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian star Ben Barnes.

Legendary Italian designer Giorgio Armani Showcases his latest Men’s wear spring 2009 Emporio Armani line as a part of the Milan Fashion Week. This Spring line has a lot of Navy and Black Armani is telling us that Spring does not always have to be about light and pastel colours.


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Gabriel Aubrey Walks For Versace at Milan Men’s Fashion Week Spring 2009

Gabriel Aubrey might well be the luckiest man in the world with a woman like Halle Berry has the mother of his child. Gabriel walks the runway for Italian fashion house Versace looking very debonair. We are really feeling the outfit, but like we always say what’s made in Europe should stay in Europe.

The Versace line features a lot of light colours which is perfect for spring. We wish Gianni was alive to see that the great name has not gone down the drain, because season after season this fashion house has being turning out great designs.





Milan Fashion Week: Dolce and Gabbana Men Spring 2009


Italian Designers Showcased their new Spring 2008 line for men as a part of the Milan Fashion Week. We have the highlights of our favorite looks. Dolce and Gabbana are known to take many fashion risks. its all about the Individual and how they embrace fashion when wearing this label. European designs seem to embrace the Metro sexual thing than with American designers. American fashion for men even though it seems to be more European it still has a long way to go. Its still traditional in the sense that men will not wear skinny jeans or shirts that are too fitted.

NHL Star Sean Avery Completes His Internship at Vogue Magazine!

NHL Star Sean Avery Completed his internship at Vogue Magazine and made it out alive. Avery liked being in the fashion business so much that he is hoping that Vogue Editrix Miss Anna Wintour will invite him back next summer. Avery is very fashion forward, who said a guy can’t like Sports and Fashion all at the same time.

Looks like Avery wants to give David Beckham a run for his money as the most fashionable male sports star. We wonder if miss wintour had him fetch her coffee and walk her dog or pic up scarves at various design houses, Avery said its fun but we guess if you love fashion you will do any thing in the name of fashion.

Ed McMahon Talks To The Today Show About Financial Woes!

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Like millions of American’s who were burned in the after effects of the Sub-Prime crisis, TV icon Ed Mcmahon discusses is financial situation to the Today Show! We often see celebrity lifestyle and wish that we could have the money they have, but it seems that when you make a lot of money you also spend a lot of money.


Will someone step up and help the old fellow already!

It Must Feel So Good For The Boston Celtics!

 The Celtics won their 17th NBA title and the first in 22 years and it must feel so damn good. The Celtics won Game 6 of the NBA finals with a stunning 131 to the Lakers 92.

Garnett scored 26 points with 14 rebounds, Allen scored 26 and Pierce, the finals MVP who shook off a sprained right knee sustained in Game 1, added 17 as the Celtics, a 24-win team a year ago, wrapped up their first title since 1986. Rajon Rondo had 21 points, eight assists, seven rebounds and six steals as the Celtics, who built a 23-point halftime lead and obliterated the Lakers, who were trying to become the first team to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the finals.