What The Average American Guy Would Not Wear!


The Mens Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2008 Gucci Fashion Show wrapped up a few weeks ago. The Fashion was very cutting edge and clearly defines the trends which will be in the stores when fall arrives, but one thing for sure is that the average American men would not find this design so exciting. Unless you are the Jonas Brothers, Cisco Adler or Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, then you will not be able to appreciate the trends of today.

I think that American Men are more conservative with their Fashion. They play it safe, Brown, Black Blue and Black. European Guys take more risks with fashion, take for example Golfer Ian Poulter, pink pants with the slit at the sides. Homophobia plays a big part in what men are willing to wear in America. I think that European Men are really more secure with themselves and what they wear, they really don’t care about what people think about them.



2 Responses to What The Average American Guy Would Not Wear!

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  2. My friend on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

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