LL Cool J Launches His Todd Smith Line at Macys!

todd-smith.jpgLl Cool J launches his Todd Smith Clothing line at Macy’s Department store in Culver City in California. clothing line seems to be a hard thing to launch but when you are a celebrity your line gets instant advertising. Celebrity clothing lines comes and goes, only a few have been able to stay a float, Sean Comb’s label “Sean John, and Kimora Lee’s “Baby Phat are two of the most successful Clothing line started by Celebrities.

The clothing being featured by LL Cool J’s “Todd Smith” competes directly with new urban staples Ed Hardy, Sean John and True Religion. We strongly believe that if LL wants to start a line he should makes cloths that are different than what we see out there, because all the lines are starting to look the same.


One Response to LL Cool J Launches His Todd Smith Line at Macys!

  1. Dropping a clothing line is all fine and dandy but one of the other writers over at Highbrid Nation brought up a good point. This is not the first time he has debuted this line of clothes. The Todd Smith line first debuted in 2006. It’s not new though he’s trying to act like it is. Guess no one cared the first time around.

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