Penguin Publishers to release book about Eliot Spitzer!

Thanks to the ongoing democratic battle and the polygamist in Texas, no one actually remembered that Mr do gooder Eliot Spitzer toppled from his position as Governor of New York. Eliot resigned from the post after reports surfaced that he was involved with a $5500 an hour call girl.

The book will be about the rise and fall of Eliot Spitzer and will be penned by the authors who did the documentary about Enron, “The Smartest Guys in the room”, Peter Elkind and Alex Gibney. The guys did a great job with the Enron Documentary which was well researched. We know they will do a well researched project on Eliot Spitzer.

With these guys on the project we wonder what other skeletons will come walking out of Eliot Spitzers closet, because its really mind boggling that such a self righteous man, once known as the “Slayer of Wall Street”, be involved in such a stupid, senseless mess.


Bill And Hilary Clinton Do Not Agree on Free Trade?

Bill Clinton is a supporter of free trade, but his wife and Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton opposes it. In an attepmt to clear the air as the Pennsylvania primary approaches, Hillary stated that she and her husband has differences just like any other married couple. To defend her stance against free trade with Colombia, Hillary says, “The Colombia free trade deal, in my view, is not appropriate because of the history of suppression and targeted killings of labor organizers in Colombia. There is an argument that there has been some improvement and change by the Colombian government but it is not enough for me,”

This whole Colombia trade pact thing might just be confusing to the average guy watching TV or listening to it on the radio. Hillary’s husband who is former President Clinton supports the pact and according to the Associated Press made some $800000, from Gold Services International which is a developmental group based in the Colombian capital of Bogota which also supports the pact none the less. Then a few days ago one of Hillary’s senior advisors on her campaign was let go for meeting with Colombian officials. We don’t know who is on which side here. Will Hillary also fire her husband Bill Clinton for supporting this pact with the Colombians?.


Hillary Clinton’s Big Comeback, The Democratic Race Still Wide Open!

barack-obama.jpghillary-clinton.jpgHillary Clinton went the defensive, doing what she had to do to win, but is the Democratic Party on the verge of self destruction. Barack Obama still leads in the delegate counts after and impressive winning streak, which was broken by Senator Clinton last night. Clinton won states which were critical to keeping her in this race. Clinton won the Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island primaries. This will give her the much needed momentum she needed, but how long can this horse race go on?

The Clinton and Obama campaigns raised together an estimated 85 million dollars, which is really good, but they should be using that money to to fight McCain, and not each other. Clinton won big in Texas after the polls said that she would not win, similar situation in New Hampshire, Clinton reportedly had a lot of last minute votes and a large senior population turnout.

Clinton has really hit the Obama campaign really hard over the past week, she keep sating that she has the experience which Obama lacks, but we are trying to figure out what experience does she has that Obama does not have, especially on National Security.

Last night while talking to supporters in San Antonio last night, Obama said, No matter what happens tonight, “we have nearly the same delegate lead as we did this morning, and we are on our way to winning this nomination,”. Hillary Clinton might fight to get the Florida and Michigan to get those delegates counted, even though they were agreements that those states would be excluded.

The Democratic contest is far from settled, but these candidates need to make a decision soon, John McCain and the republicans must love all the fighting in the Democratic Party.

The next primaries are Mississippi and Wyoming next week.

John McCain Wins The Republican Presidential Nomination

john-mccain.jpgJohn McCain won the Republican Presidential Nomination last night surpassing the required amount of delegates needed to win the Presidential nomination. Chuck Norris eat your heart out, that’s what McCain must be saying, after the aging action hero , made a comment about McCain being the republican nominee, because of his age. McCain is 71 years strong, and the voters feel more secure with him, even though most view him as a more moderate Republican.

McCain had a clean sweep in last nights primaries, winning battle ground state Ohio, Rhode Island, Red State Texas and Liberal State Vermont. McCain has made a remarkable comeback in this race. when the primaries began in Iowa many people wrote him off has the candidate, but he turned that around when he won in New Hampshire and has build momentum since.

Next Stop for McCain is that he will be at the White House to be formally endorsed by President George W Bush. We Know the President will endorse John McCain but is this the endorsement that McCain needs, President Bush is widely berated by the democrats has taking the country in an unnecessary war, but if John McCain is going to be running for President he needs to look to the future and not to the past.

Mike Huckabee Drops Out Of The Republic Presidential Race

mike-huckabee.jpgBaptist Minister Mike Huckabee concedes to John McCain in the republican Primary has John McCain goes on to win the Republican nomination for president. Huckabee lost all four primaries to McCain, (Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island).

Huckabee has known for sometime that he virtually could not win the nomination but he still stayed on until McCain won the required amount of delegates.  In a speech to supporters and the media after the results were made public, Huckabee addressed the crowds, “Ladies and gentlemen,” he said, “I called Senator McCain a few moments ago. It looks pretty apparent tonight that he will, in fact, achieve 1,191 delegates to become the Republican nominee for our party.

“I extended to him not only my congratulations, but my commitment to him and to the party to do everything possible to unite our party, but more importantly to unite our country, so that we can be the best nation we can be,”.

Huckabee really put out a good fight even though he won far fewer delegates than McCain. I think we will see a lot more from this candidate he is only 52 years old and has a lot more fight in him.

Barack Obama The New Rock Star President!


Are we too vain to love this guy. Its like high school all over again, the most popular guy always win even if its the Black Guy. Barack Obama is the fresh faced Charismatic Senator from Illinois who is the Democratic Presidential Nominee. This guy can draw a crowd and give influential speeches, but should that be a cause to fear what he has to say. We should not judge him by his looks and his speech but by his record. He is having the same effect on the younger generation that Former President Bill Clinton had when he was the Governor of Arkansas, and was a presidential hopeful.

The Secrets to his success is that he can connect with younger people more than the other candidates. Atfer Super Tuesday, his rival Hillary Clinton was slightly ahead of him in the delegate counts, he wrestled the lead away from her with a clean sweep winning 11 primaries. Hillary had her sights on Texas and Ohio the states that could put her back in the lead if she won big. The polls today according to CNN showed that despite Hillary having a huge lead over Obama in those polls two weeks ago, he was able to take the lead away from her in Texas by a three point lead, and they are dead lock in Ohio. It seems like whenever Obama campaigns in a place where the polls are low he becomes the front runner. No matter how much they try to smear this guy, nothing sticks.

I think they should just try to work together, and stop the negative campaigning, they are only dividing their party more than it should be. The Republicans Front runner John McCain is probably having a field day watching the Democrats tear each other a part.

So do you want to see a Obama/Clinton, or a Clinton/Obama dream team ticket?