There Is No Stopping Brody Jenner Now!

If You Hated Hollywood rich kids who don’t seem to have a care in the world, now you’ll have a good reason. The Magazine that focuses on people’s business called People, yes we said it named Brody Jenner one of its Hottest bachelors of 2008.

People seem to be obsessed with reality stars and the way they live. Brody is a recurring cast member of the MTV reality drama the Hills. The Hills is sort of like Beverly Hills 90210 in its early years, full of drama and making us wish we had the lifestyle the characters are living.

Brody seems to be getting all the young starlets in Hollywood, he dated Laguna beach stars and former rivals Kristin cavallari and Lauren Conrad and even had a brief thing with Nicole Richie. We are trying to figure out the fascination with this kid, MTV is even developing a new reality show which will have other kids competing in challenges to become his friend. Love this kid or hate him, we predict that he is going to be around for a long time in the media.



The Case of She Said, He Said With Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong!

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Kate got grilled by the women of the view about Mr Livestrong Cancer survivor and the ultimate Guys Guy Lance Armstrong. Kate was mum about the budding relationship and wanted the ladies to ask him.
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Lance being the Guy’s Guy that he is does not kiss and tell and dodges the whole relationship thing with the women of The View.

Dwayne Johnson Receives a Brendan Star In Las Vegas!

Usually we announce when a star receives a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame, but since we are such a fan of Dwayne Johnson we proudly report that the professional Wrestler turned Actor received a Brendan star earlier today at the Palms casino and Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Brendan star is the equivalent to the Hollywood star or so we want to think, because the Hugh Hefner’s Girls; The Girls next door received one but what did they ever contribute to but being Hugh Hefner’s groupies.

Super Hot Audi R8

Auto company Audi recently had an event in Hyannis Port Maine, and look who took the show car for a test drive, none other that New England Patriots QB Tom Brady. This guy has the hottest chick in the modeling game and know he is driving Audi’s hottest car in the lineup. Is it any thing this guy doesn’t have?

Reasons Why John Mayer and Nick Cannon are having the Time of Their Lives!

Last Night Nick Cannon and John Mayer attended the MGM Grand Opening in Ledyard, CT without any arm candy, but that does not stop these two guys from having the best summer yet. The reason why we know they are having the best summer is because reason number one. Nick Cannon got hitched to mega super star Mariah Carey, and even though we know he’s her do boy you have to give him credit because he bagged on of the hottest woman in the music business. John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston also had a little tryst in Miami which went public. This is the first time we’ve seen Jennifer snuggling and kissing another guy since the Vince Vaughn thing ended in 2005.

Reason number two why these guys are having the best summer, is because their stars are likely to rise. Yes they have dated famous women before but none more famous than Mariah Carey and Jennifer Aniston. Nick Cannon previously dated Kim Kardashian, Christina Milian and Victoria’s Secret Angel Seleta Ebanks. Mayer has been linked to Jessica Simpson, etc.

Reason number three, they are likely to get more press coverage, John is used to press coverage, but hooking up with our beloved Jennifer who can’t seem to find a man will make him a legend. Nick Cannon could not pay a million dollars to get the stalkerazzi to follow him around with a camera, will likely have them following him around, so they can have the money shot with him and his Wifey Mariah Carey.



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Tommy Lee and Rapper Ludacris Get Their Poker On!

Lucradris and Tommy Lee put on their best poker face in Las Vegas in efforts to save the Environment. Poker has become such a big phenom right now every one is into it. It’s like the new Celebrity religion, (Kabala, Scientology)

Tommy looks like he is really not into the game; but we all know and love our Celebs, they will pose for the camera like their is no tomorrow has long as their is something positive coming out of it.

Shia Labeouf Gets Welcomed in The Old Boys Club!

Its that time of the year again, when every one who is anyone in Hollywood, travels to the south of France for the Ritzy Cannes Film Festival. This year the most anticipated film of the summer Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the talk of the town.

Its been 19 years since we’ve seen Indiana rode off in the sunset at the end of the last sequel, Indiana Jones and the last crusade. Young rising star Shia Labeouf joins the legends, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Harrison Ford.

The Young Star could learn a few things from these movie legends on how to make box office hits. Shia has been doing well on his own staring in movies like Transformers and the thriller Distubia. Shia has a comedic but exceptional acting range. The reason why we like him is because he is not overexposed, apart from a certain incident which we will not mention. Shia tends to focus his energy on his career and not on the streets of Hollywood or at night clubs, that probably the reason he got cast by Spielberg and Lucas in this film.


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