Fashionable Couple Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Hit up South Beach, Miami!

ashlee-and-pete.jpgPeter Wentz of the Chicago group Fall Out Boy and his lady love, were out on the party scene in Miami hot spot, South Beach last night. The make up wearing, tight jeans duo always seem to have their fashion right. Which brings us to say that Pete Wentz his a man who is well secure within himself. Ashlee is in town promoting her new album, “Outta My Head”.

The guy wears make up, he wears tighter jeans than most women we know, but he is still manly and has a huge following of teenage girls. The teen rock movement seems to have gone androgynous these days, now we can’t tell who is gay, or straight just by appearance. If we see a guy and a girl we just have to assume they are not gay. Everyone from the Jonas Brothers, Zac Efron, Pete Wentz from fall out buy all seem to be rocking the androgynous look the perfect hair, the make up and the very tight clothing and they say Metrosexualism was dead.