Hillary Clinton’s Big Comeback, The Democratic Race Still Wide Open!

barack-obama.jpghillary-clinton.jpgHillary Clinton went the defensive, doing what she had to do to win, but is the Democratic Party on the verge of self destruction. Barack Obama still leads in the delegate counts after and impressive winning streak, which was broken by Senator Clinton last night. Clinton won states which were critical to keeping her in this race. Clinton won the Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island primaries. This will give her the much needed momentum she needed, but how long can this horse race go on?

The Clinton and Obama campaigns raised together an estimated 85 million dollars, which is really good, but they should be using that money to to fight McCain, and not each other. Clinton won big in Texas after the polls said that she would not win, similar situation in New Hampshire, Clinton reportedly had a lot of last minute votes and a large senior population turnout.

Clinton has really hit the Obama campaign really hard over the past week, she keep sating that she has the experience which Obama lacks, but we are trying to figure out what experience does she has that Obama does not have, especially on National Security.

Last night while talking to supporters in San Antonio last night, Obama said, No matter what happens tonight, “we have nearly the same delegate lead as we did this morning, and we are on our way to winning this nomination,”. Hillary Clinton might fight to get the Florida and Michigan to get those delegates counted, even though they were agreements that those states would be excluded.

The Democratic contest is far from settled, but these candidates need to make a decision soon, John McCain and the republicans must love all the fighting in the Democratic Party.

The next primaries are Mississippi and Wyoming next week.


Barack Obama The New Rock Star President!


Are we too vain to love this guy. Its like high school all over again, the most popular guy always win even if its the Black Guy. Barack Obama is the fresh faced Charismatic Senator from Illinois who is the Democratic Presidential Nominee. This guy can draw a crowd and give influential speeches, but should that be a cause to fear what he has to say. We should not judge him by his looks and his speech but by his record. He is having the same effect on the younger generation that Former President Bill Clinton had when he was the Governor of Arkansas, and was a presidential hopeful.

The Secrets to his success is that he can connect with younger people more than the other candidates. Atfer Super Tuesday, his rival Hillary Clinton was slightly ahead of him in the delegate counts, he wrestled the lead away from her with a clean sweep winning 11 primaries. Hillary had her sights on Texas and Ohio the states that could put her back in the lead if she won big. The polls today according to CNN showed that despite Hillary having a huge lead over Obama in those polls two weeks ago, he was able to take the lead away from her in Texas by a three point lead, and they are dead lock in Ohio. It seems like whenever Obama campaigns in a place where the polls are low he becomes the front runner. No matter how much they try to smear this guy, nothing sticks.

I think they should just try to work together, and stop the negative campaigning, they are only dividing their party more than it should be. The Republicans Front runner John McCain is probably having a field day watching the Democrats tear each other a part.

So do you want to see a Obama/Clinton, or a Clinton/Obama dream team ticket?

Democrats Beware Ralph Nader is Back


Ralph nader is viewed by many as the man who took away voted from Democratic Presidential Nominee Al Gore during the 2000 Election. Today Nader announced that he would be running for President again. Nader has been long known as a consumer advocate, we know he won’t win the election so my question to him is: Why are you running for President of the United States? Nader and his Green Party things he should win because he gets thing done.

Nader’s announcements drew criticisim from the two current Democratic rivals who are contesting for the nomination. Illinois Senator barack Obama said, “He thought that there was no difference between Al Gore and George Bush and, eight years later, I think people realize that Ralph did not know what he was talking about,”. New York Senator Hillary Clinton said,”I remember when he ran before. It didn’t turn out very well for anybody — especially our country.”

We know we live in a country were you are free to persuit your dreams, and I know Ralph Nader will not back down. The Democrats needs to unite and stop slandering each other in the media. They don’t realize they are tearing their party apart. Ralph Nader might just benefit from the wedge the candidates are drawing in the democratic party.