Bill And Hilary Clinton Do Not Agree on Free Trade?

Bill Clinton is a supporter of free trade, but his wife and Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton opposes it. In an attepmt to clear the air as the Pennsylvania primary approaches, Hillary stated that she and her husband has differences just like any other married couple. To defend her stance against free trade with Colombia, Hillary says, “The Colombia free trade deal, in my view, is not appropriate because of the history of suppression and targeted killings of labor organizers in Colombia. There is an argument that there has been some improvement and change by the Colombian government but it is not enough for me,”

This whole Colombia trade pact thing might just be confusing to the average guy watching TV or listening to it on the radio. Hillary’s husband who is former President Clinton supports the pact and according to the Associated Press made some $800000, from Gold Services International which is a developmental group based in the Colombian capital of Bogota which also supports the pact none the less. Then a few days ago one of Hillary’s senior advisors on her campaign was let go for meeting with Colombian officials. We don’t know who is on which side here. Will Hillary also fire her husband Bill Clinton for supporting this pact with the Colombians?.