Brad Pitt Most Fertile Man In America?


Brad Pitt has been given the titles, “Sexiest Man”, “Most Attractive Man”, by the media but none has ever named him most fertile man. Brad went from having no children to having four and is expecting another on the way which will total five. Well the most fertile man title is exaggerated and I actually applaud Brad Pitt for the word he has done and the help that he has done for the needy people.

 The of the four children he has with Angelina Jolie are adopted from different countries in the world. The eldest child Maddox was with Angelina before Brad started dating her. Maddox was adopted from Cambodia. The second adopted child Zahara was adopted from Ethiopia. The third adopted child was a Vietnamese boy names Pax Thien. The only biological child that the couple share is Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt. The couple is expecting a fifth child when a very pregnant Angelina Jolie showed up with Brad Pitt at the Independent Spirit awards February 28Th, 2008 in Santa Monica California.

Brad Pitt has done so much for the people of New Orleans behind the scenes, it seems Angelina brings out the best in him. Both Brad and Angelina should be applauded for the charity work they do.

(photo via wireimage)