David Beckham, Why is He So Popular?


David Beckham is indeed a money making machine, the soccer star travelled to South Korea with his team the LA Galaxy for a friendly match in South Korea. Mr Beckham had a little self promotion to do in South Korea. He is the face of both Motorola and Adidas raking in cash from those two companies while travelling with his team. If you think that’s all his wife just launched a clothing line called dVb, which is also raking in cash. We won’t even discuss his lucrative deal with the LA Galaxy.

How did he became so popular, their are a lot of talented football players in England, who are also good looking and successful so what is it about David Beckham that draws people to him. We heard him speak, he is not exactly charismatic. We think that the hype around him and his wife also drew attention to him. She completes him, she was a Spice Girl when the Spice girls ruled Europe, and he was a very talented Manchester United Player.

David has earned top dollar as one of the highest paid football stars in Europe when he played for the star studded Spanish team, Real Madrid. So now that he is getting older do you think that Hollywood is next on Beckham’s list of things to conquer?

(photo via wireimage)