Democrats Beware Ralph Nader is Back


Ralph nader is viewed by many as the man who took away voted from Democratic Presidential Nominee Al Gore during the 2000 Election. Today Nader announced that he would be running for President again. Nader has been long known as a consumer advocate, we know he won’t win the election so my question to him is: Why are you running for President of the United States? Nader and his Green Party things he should win because he gets thing done.

Nader’s announcements drew criticisim from the two current Democratic rivals who are contesting for the nomination. Illinois Senator barack Obama said, “He thought that there was no difference between Al Gore and George Bush and, eight years later, I think people realize that Ralph did not know what he was talking about,”. New York Senator Hillary Clinton said,”I remember when he ran before. It didn’t turn out very well for anybody — especially our country.”

We know we live in a country were you are free to persuit your dreams, and I know Ralph Nader will not back down. The Democrats needs to unite and stop slandering each other in the media. They don’t realize they are tearing their party apart. Ralph Nader might just benefit from the wedge the candidates are drawing in the democratic party.