Mike Huckabee Drops Out Of The Republic Presidential Race

mike-huckabee.jpgBaptist Minister Mike Huckabee concedes to John McCain in the republican Primary has John McCain goes on to win the Republican nomination for president. Huckabee lost all four primaries to McCain, (Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island).

Huckabee has known for sometime that he virtually could not win the nomination but he still stayed on until McCain won the required amount of delegates.  In a speech to supporters and the media after the results were made public, Huckabee addressed the crowds, “Ladies and gentlemen,” he said, “I called Senator McCain a few moments ago. It looks pretty apparent tonight that he will, in fact, achieve 1,191 delegates to become the Republican nominee for our party.

“I extended to him not only my congratulations, but my commitment to him and to the party to do everything possible to unite our party, but more importantly to unite our country, so that we can be the best nation we can be,”.

Huckabee really put out a good fight even though he won far fewer delegates than McCain. I think we will see a lot more from this candidate he is only 52 years old and has a lot more fight in him.