George Clooney Should Save ER!

In The 90’s ER was the ratings King and NBC was the champion network. NBC no doubt had the hottest shows on TV, and lets just put emphasis on the HAD. ER had one of the hottest cast which included none other than Mr Eternal Bachelor himself George Clooney. In its heyday ER could do no wrong. They even filmed an episode live. Clooney left and all the original castmembers gradually left as well. Today the cast is fairly new and the show does not draw the audience that it did in the late 90’s.

This fall will be the beginning of the end for ER, and we would like to see the original cast members of the long running medical drama return and help the show go out with a big bang bang. We know George Clooney is larger than life with all the awards and recognitions he has received in film, but it would not hurt if he returned to an old stomping ground or if all the old doctors were to return to do this finale show.