Juanes Talks Peace At New York Concert

juanes.jpgColombian Rocker Juanes kicked off the US part of his world tour in Madison Square Gardens in New York City. The rocker entertained the crowd with 20 songs. The rocker was also calling for peace with his homeland Colombia and its neighbors Venezuela to the right and Ecuador to the South who are involved in a border disputes.

During the concert Juanes said, “This night as a Colombian, I want to extend my right hand and embrace all my Ecuadorean brothers, I want to extend my left hand and embrace all my Venezuelan brothers,” Juanes said. “Only we can come together under a single flag, the flag of peace.” The rocker was in full activist mode during the concert if only the government of these three countries would listen, then every thing would be all right, but we know that not going to happen.

Juanes is always trying to rally Latin artists to come together to speak out and pressure the government of these regions to come together with a diplomatic solution. The Artist previously performed at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony to help garner awareness.

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