Is kanye West a Hip Hop Revolutionary?


Kanye West and his fiance attend the Cavalli Party In Paris, during the Fall/Winter 2008-2009. Kanye attended all the shows in Paris checking out all the latest looks for fall in the city of lights. This guy obviously loves clothes, and his outfits are usually very well coordinated. This is the same guy that made wearing a purple scarf manly in hip hop, or even wearing a pink shirt.

Ever since Kanye West burst on the rap scene the game has been changed forever. His lyrical skills his dress, has been emulated by many. He his more of a poetic rapper, the best since Eminem, or even Common. Kanye Style is something to be reckoned with, rappers have been changing their style, the baggy clothing is going away and they are adopting a more clean cut look. Many will argue that one person cannot change hip hop, because hip hop is diverse and revolutionary but we think that Kanye West help to inspire the new dress code that many stars have adopted. Rappers, such as Nelly, T.I, Jay Z, have traded in baggy jeans and T shirts at Award Shows for more classic look in well made suits. 

Despite his really large ego, the reason why we like Kanye is because their is a lot of substance in his music, its not about the clothes, and the cars for him, he sings about real issues that people are facing, its like you can listen to his music and learn from it. You listen to his song, “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”, kanye used his video to get a very important message across that many people especially young children, to mine the diamonds we glorify.

Keep on sending powerful messages Kanye, the world needs more people like you, and Hip Hop needs more people like you.

(photo via wireimage)