Hillary Clinton’s Big Comeback, The Democratic Race Still Wide Open!

barack-obama.jpghillary-clinton.jpgHillary Clinton went the defensive, doing what she had to do to win, but is the Democratic Party on the verge of self destruction. Barack Obama still leads in the delegate counts after and impressive winning streak, which was broken by Senator Clinton last night. Clinton won states which were critical to keeping her in this race. Clinton won the Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island primaries. This will give her the much needed momentum she needed, but how long can this horse race go on?

The Clinton and Obama campaigns raised together an estimated 85 million dollars, which is really good, but they should be using that money to to fight McCain, and not each other. Clinton won big in Texas after the polls said that she would not win, similar situation in New Hampshire, Clinton reportedly had a lot of last minute votes and a large senior population turnout.

Clinton has really hit the Obama campaign really hard over the past week, she keep sating that she has the experience which Obama lacks, but we are trying to figure out what experience does she has that Obama does not have, especially on National Security.

Last night while talking to supporters in San Antonio last night, Obama said, No matter what happens tonight, “we have nearly the same delegate lead as we did this morning, and we are on our way to winning this nomination,”. Hillary Clinton might fight to get the Florida and Michigan to get those delegates counted, even though they were agreements that those states would be excluded.

The Democratic contest is far from settled, but these candidates need to make a decision soon, John McCain and the republicans must love all the fighting in the Democratic Party.

The next primaries are Mississippi and Wyoming next week.