John McCain Wins The Republican Presidential Nomination

john-mccain.jpgJohn McCain won the Republican Presidential Nomination last night surpassing the required amount of delegates needed to win the Presidential nomination. Chuck Norris eat your heart out, that’s what McCain must be saying, after the aging action hero , made a comment about McCain being the republican nominee, because of his age. McCain is 71 years strong, and the voters feel more secure with him, even though most view him as a more moderate Republican.

McCain had a clean sweep in last nights primaries, winning battle ground state Ohio, Rhode Island, Red State Texas and Liberal State Vermont. McCain has made a remarkable comeback in this race. when the primaries began in Iowa many people wrote him off has the candidate, but he turned that around when he won in New Hampshire and has build momentum since.

Next Stop for McCain is that he will be at the White House to be formally endorsed by President George W Bush. We Know the President will endorse John McCain but is this the endorsement that McCain needs, President Bush is widely berated by the democrats has taking the country in an unnecessary war, but if John McCain is going to be running for President he needs to look to the future and not to the past.