Spring Foward In Fashion

spring-michael-kors.jpgspring-dkny.jpgspring-dg.jpgsping-emporio-armani.jpgBrown is always a colour reserved for fall in fashion runways, but hey you are a average guy living in an average world, screw what the runway thinks right. You can wear whatever you want whenever you want. But for all our fashionistas and yes they are male fashionistas too, new season means new clothes. Spring always means a rebirth after the Winter period when the trees start to come alive.

In Fashion, Spring is about being bold and pastel colors even for men, but we know our American Guys will not wear plaid pink pants, because not every one is as secure as British Golfer Ian Poulter who can still make pink pants manly right. In the spring show case designers show off their new collections which they hope will be the next big hit, light brown seems to be a big hit for the Spring. D&G, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, and Emporio Armani have all featured the earth color in their collection.

 (photos via http://www.men.style.com)