TV Farmer Of TV Show, “Farmer Wants A Wife”, Storms Los Angeles

In what might be called a publicity tour, Matt Neustadt who is supposedly a farmer, took his truck with a bevy of beauties trailing his truck all clad in wedding gowns. Matt will star on a TV show looking for his bride. This is the latest crop of reality shows to hit the airwaves. We are guessing that their will be farm challenges for the women to compete in before they can date this guy.

We take one look at this guy and he looks like he just came off the Dolce and Gabbana runway show in Milan. What farmer prances around with his well toned abs and wears Prada sunglasses, I bet you did not think we would sero in on all those things right?

We will no doubt tune into this show, We loved Flavor of love and Rock of love and believe that the horny woman who will star on this show are more about gaining fame for themselves than findin love, which is always the case for reality shows that are supposedely based on love.


(photo via wireimage)